About Us

“sata kahi pache male maribi,sata kahibaku kian daribi”-

Ramakrushna Nanda


[Translation – “I may die for the truth but me dare to tell the truth”]

Every time when the above famous quote resonates in ears, the conscience of each Odia people starts murmuring ‘Let the truth prevail, Let the truth be victorious’.

But without freedom of thought and freedom of speech the existence of the truth diminishes. As a result, the trust among citizens fades and the malicious deceptive news content spreads. The cruelty of the political nexus constantly disturbs the harmony of the society and strangles the voice of the truth and transparency.


But enough is enough and no matter what happens, we have to rise; to raise the voice against the inequality, injustice and unfairness. We will be the voice of destitute and whistle blower for the hoax news. We will present the news in its own from without any manipulation and prejudice.


May God bless us give us strength to stand firm with courage and conviction.


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